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Mail forwarding system for researchers

Written by Lise
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General information

In order to be able to identify test accounts and to ensure you don't need to create and maintain another mail address for every test, we created accounts! accounts are easy to use, they will transparently forward all mails arriving on your account to your registered e-mail address at intigriti. 

How it works will forward all mails to your registered e-mail address at intigriti. Example: if your username is leethaxor, then your address will be

You can use wildcards in your address by adding a + or a - sign behind your nickname with any combination. E.g. will forward to your registered e-mail address at intigriti but so will etc.

This enables you to create multiple test accounts on a program to be able to test different attack vectors on different account levels without having to create multiple intigriti accounts.

Please don't forget to check your spam folder in case you didn't receive it in your inbox. If it does we would be happy to hear about it as we implemented necessary precautions that this should not be the case.

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