Program lifecycle

How a program progresses through our platform

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The program state

A program will go through different stages in its lifecycle on the platform. Each of these phases will have a direct impact on the way the program (and its submissions) will be shown to the community, as well as the way the community can interact with them.

The position of the program in this lifecycle is defined by its state and will be set to exactly one of following options on each moment in time:

Wizard & Draft

A program in this state is in the sheer beginning of its lifecycle. As a researcher you will never be confronted with this program state, as these upcoming programs will only be visible to the company members that are actually involved in its creation.


This is the program state to watch!

When the program creation has been completed and all specifics are configured correctly, the program will begin its public life. After launch by the company responsible, its state will be open.  

The program will be visible on the platform according to its configured confidentiality level (invite only, application, registered, public) and researchers will be able to research the program and submit submissions.


Once in the suspended state, the program is considered to be on hold until further notice. We do however expect the program to be re-launched in the future, so all details will remain visible for researchers to use in their preparation for possible future submissions.

The company has decided to take a break from allowing new submissions to be submitted, but of course will still handle all submissions that are still pending on the program.


In the contrary to suspended programs, the closing state indicates that this program is in run-off and will be closed once the last pending submission on this program has been handled by the company. We do not expect this program to be relaunched, so as a researcher it is probably a better bet to research on programs in a more active state (open or suspended).


Closed programs have reached the end of their lifecycle, they will no longer be published on the platform, nor available for any submissions. It has been a hell of a ride, but it is time to say goodbye.

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