Some companies require the usage of a VPN. This requirement can have multiple reasons:

  • To be able to identify the researchers of intigriti
  • To bypass a security system (e.g. a WAF)

How to connect to the VPN

The VPN server will always be listed in the program details. Every program will have a separate VPN server. This server can only be used to route traffic for this specific program. You can connect to this VPN server using your account credentials (identical to when logging in to the platform). Please note that 2FA will not be enforced when connecting to the VPN infrastructure.

In order to change your VPN credentials, it's sufficient to change your account's e-mail address and/or password on the Edit settings > Personal information page.


Only the program will be able to see the VPN traffic. The programs are not allowed to share any VPN traffic of a researcher with a third party or intigriti itself.

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