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Which payout options are available on the platform?

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How to set up your preferred payment method

You can set your preferred payment method through the user dropdown > Preferences > Payment info box. Simply select the method of your preference, fill out the required information, and save.

💡Any changes made to payment info will not update existing payouts that are currently being processed or already paid. Other existing payouts will be automatically updated with the latest information.

Different options

We offer four different payout methods on the platform. Note that we offer invoice generation (self-billing) for wire transfer, PayPal, and Payoneer payment methods.

💡Some programs might require bounties to be paid via wire transfer only. If this is the case, it will be mentioned in the program description.

Wire transfer

A wire transfer will allow us to transfer the funds with the shortest possible delay. Payments will be processed in the default currency of the program. However, if your account doesn't support this currency, the bank account currency will be used instead. In such cases, the transaction and exchange fees incurred on our side are borne by Intigriti.

💡We're not able to cover transaction and exchange fees that might be charged by your local bank or intermediary bank.

For wire transfers, please provide:

  1. IBAN or bank account number (if your bank account does not provide an IBAN).

  2. Additional code or number as shown on your bank account statements:

    • BIC/SWIFT code (8-11 characters), e.g., BARCGB22XXX

    • IFSC code (11 characters), e.g., SBIN0125620

    • ACH routing number (9 characters), e.g., 072403004

    • Transit (5 characters) and institution number (3 characters), e.g., 00257 596

    • Any other code needed to perform a wire transfer.

  3. Bank account country: the country where your bank account is registered.

  4. Bank account currency: the currency in which your bank account is denominated and is used for transactions.


We also offer payment through PayPal. Please provide a valid PayPal e-mail address to transfer any payouts.

The bounty payments will be made in the mentioned currency. For example, if your main currency is not EUR but your bounty is in EUR, PayPal will automatically create a new EUR wallet for you or convert the amount to your preferred currency. You can manage your preference in your PayPal account settings.

Please note that the currency exchange rate of PayPal can be expensive, so we advise you to receive bounties in the same currency as the bounty awarded to you.


To receive payouts through Payoneer, please provide a valid Payoneer e-mail address. In some cases, payments through Payoneer can take more than a week, but no additional fees will be charged.

We require a payment request via Payoneer to Be sure to add the submission code(s) in the description. More info on how you can request payment can be found here.


If you are an independent researcher and have a registered VAT number, we will be more than happy to receive an invoice for the payments. Please send your invoices to

The currency used to invoice us needs to match the currency of the bounty paid to you. Then we can pay you the exact amount we owe you. Your accountant can explain best how to do this to ensure it can be matched upon payment if a currency exchange is required to pay you. If you have any questions or issues, please contact support, and we'd be happy to assist you!

Payment will subsequently be completed through wire transfer.

Company details

Intigriti NV
Klokstraat 16
2600 Antwerpen, 2600 Antwerp, BELGIUM

BTW BE 0660.623.646
RPR Antwerp, division Antwerp

Only add VAT (21%) if you are a Belgian company

Add the submission payout CODE (e.g. [P-TDLK-230982]) as your reference.
An invoice may contain multiple bounties(preferred method)
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