Different options

In order to facilitate our researchers, we offer different payout methods on the platform. The researcher can pick his/her preference and receive payouts accordingly.

Please note that some programs might require that bounties are paid via wire transfer only, in this case, it will be clearly mentioned in the program description.

For other programs, we support different payment methods, each with its pro's and cons:

Wire transfer

Using this method, we will be able to transfer the funds in the shortest possible delay and in 30 different currencies to almost any country in the world. All transaction and exchange fees will be paid by intigriti, making this the most interesting option for researchers (economically).


In case you are an independent researcher and have a registered VAT number, we will be more than happy to receive an invoice for the payments. Please send your invoices to finance@intigriti.com.

Invoices need to be in euros and match the amount of your bounty. Payment will subsequently be completed through wire transfer.

Company details

Intigriti NV
Borsbeeksebrug 34/1
2600 Antwerp

BE 0660.623.646
RPR Dendermonde

Only add VAT (21%) if you are a Belgian company

Add the submission payout CODE (e.g. [P-TDLK-230982]) as your reference.
An invoice may contain multiple bounties(preferred method)


On particular requests, we also offer payment through PayPal. 

Please do note that Paypal transaction fees will vary depending on the amount and local currency. Since we are not able to forecast this amount exactly, we will add a transaction fee payment of 3% to the amount (average fee) in an attempt to neutralise these costs for our researchers. 

However, It is possible that this 3% will not cover all expenses for the transaction and that a remainder of costs will be charged.


On general request, we also support payment through this platform. In some cases, payments via Payoneer can take more than a week but no additional fees will be charged.

We require a payment request via Payoneer to finance@intigriti.com. Be sure to add the submission code(s) in the description. More info on how you can request payment can be found here.

How to set up your preferred payment method

You can set your preferred payment method through the Edit settings > Personal information > Preferred payment options page. Simply select the method of your preference, fill out the required information and hit the save button.

Please be aware that this payment method will only apply to payouts that are in an error state at the moment of change, or to future new payouts. A payout that is already in progress, will be processed using the preferred payment method that was specified at the time of payout creation.

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