Payout lifecycle

The way payouts are processed on our platform

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Payouts are used on the platform to process financial transactions between intigriti and its researcher community. This FAQ document will describe the entire lifecycle of a payout from creation to actual payment.

Payout creation

A submission is accepted

When a company accepts one of the researchers' submissions, this will automatically trigger the payout creation. Since the company confirms the vulnerability to be valid, the researcher will be entitled to 100% of the bounty immediately.

A bonus is awarded

If applicable, the company or intigriti can decide to award a bonus to certain researchers. Upon awarding a bonus, a payout will be created in the application.

Bonuses are paid out regardless of submission status.

Processing a payout

A payout can have different states while it is processed, each indicating the next best actions to be taken in order to progress payment of the amount due.

The following states are defined:


Upon creation, the platform automatically checks the payment method preferences for the destination account. In this case, however, the selected preferred payment method checked out to be invalid. Researcher profiles that are not ID checked will also show an error status.

When a payout is in an error state on your profile, please make sure to configure your preferred payment method correctly. You can do this by going to my payouts in the dropdown menu. Please then also make sure your ID check is completed. Reach out to support after doing so!


A payout in this state is freshly created. Intigriti is currently in the process of checking the payout details and the researchers' selected payment method details. If all of these details are okay, the payout is expected to progress swiftly to the processing state.


All specified details for this payout are okay, and the payment is queued for processing. All conditions are ok for the payment to be executed in the short term.

The payment has been executed, and the funds should appear imminently on the specified account. 

For reference purposes, the selected payment method and account details that were used for this payment are shown in the application on the My Payouts > Dropdown menu.


Something went wrong while processing the payment, and the technical hiccup possibly happened on our end. Our teams are doing whatever it takes to solve this swiftly. Expect some news soon, or feel free to reach out to support for more information.

When do I receive my payout?

If your payout is on the status Not Paid, it will be processed on the following Monday or Tuesday.

Following up on your payouts

At any time, a researcher can follow up on his/her payouts on the My Payouts > Dropdown menu in the application.

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