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Why have I not yet received my payout?
Why have I not yet received my payout?
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Payouts are usually processed every second business day. The following tips might help you to make sure the payout process goes smoothly:

  • Have you filled in your personal name and address under Preferences > General info? This information is a requirement for getting ID checked.

  • Is your identity check successful? You can check this under Preferences > General info as well. For more information on the ID check procedure, please read this article.

  • Is your preferred payment method filled in correctly? Under Preferences > Payment info, you may fill in the payment method in which you would like to be paid. For more information, please check this article.

If all above information is provided correctly, your payout should be handled swiftly. You can follow up under the Payouts page. For more information on what each payout status means, please see this article.

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