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Why have I not yet received my payout?
Why have I not yet received my payout?
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Payouts are usually processed every second business day. The following tips might help you to make sure the payout process goes smoothly.

Fill in your address, preferred payment and full name in your account settings.


A payout will be processed after a payment request has been sent by the researcher. 

You can send us payment request via Payoneer to Be sure to add the submission code(s) in the description and the bounty amount must be in EURO. More info on how you can request payment can be found here.

Please use the following information to send the payment request: 

Company Name: intigriti NV
Website URL:
Contact name: John Doe
Country: Belgium


Payouts are always done in the currency in which the bounty is awarded, so make sure your Paypal account can accept other currencies.

Wire Transfer

List of supported countries for TransferWise.


Bounties will be paid after an invoice has been sent to Please include the submission code (COMPANY-123456) on the invoice. 

Bounties can also be combined in 1 invoice, so creating separate invoices is not required.

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