The Intigriti integration with Jira provides the ability to seamlessly integrate your Intigriti programs with your existing Jira projects. More specific, it allows you to create Jira issues containing the desired submission details and will keep them in sync too.

What will the Jira Integration do?

The Intigriti-Jira integration will allow you to push Intigriti submissions into your Jira instance.

  • Submissions can be sent to one or multiple Jira instance and projects.

  • Submissions can be pushed automatically on create, validate by triage or accept, or they can be pushed by a manual trigger.

  • Submission details i.e. metadata, report content, messages & attachments can be added to your Jira tickets. Be aware that some information will never be pushed to Jira i.e. submission tags, groups, assignee and payouts.

  • The integration will also allow you to map some values of submission properties to values of issue properties and to keep your tickets in sync.

  • The integration will also ensure that any new information is sent to the ticket so it is in sync with the platform.

Not in scope of the integration

This integration, at this point, will not allow you to write back into the Intigriti platform. Submissions will still have to be marked as resolved manually on the Intigriti platform and comments/messages from your side also need to be posted on the platform.

What do I need?

  1. A Jira Server, Data Center or Cloud instance

  2. A Jira Administrator to create an integration user & setup an application link

  3. An Intigriti Administrator to setup the connection

  4. An Intigriti Professional package or higher

Getting started

Setting up the integration between Jira and Intigriti consists of 2 Steps:

  1. Connecting to a Jira instance

  2. Configuring a Jira integration

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