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Configure company emergency contacts and receive a text message when a submission with severity critical or exceptional is created.

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What does the emergency contacts feature do?

The platform allows you to select up to 10 company members and make them emergency contacts. These designated users will receive an SMS alert message upon creation of a critical or exceptional severity submission on one of their visible programs.

Without an emergency contact activation, any permitted program member receives a notification email after our triage team has validate any submission. By configuring Emergency contacts, you will let us notifiy you at the earliest possible stage about any high severity issue, 24x7 and without awaiting triage validation. This means that you might get false positives, but you will never miss a high severity submission. You will be able to ensure that, even outside of triage business hours, your team can still take action and/ or proactively engage engineering teams to start fixing the identified issue.

You want to enable emergency contacts when ...

  • You want to make sure your team is on top of your security 24x7

  • You want to be informed about any high severity issues that your team receives

  • You want to avoid having to monitor the platform 24x7 while still making sure you do not miss the important submissions

  • ...

Configuring emergency contacts

Add emergency contacts

  • Go to Admin > Company information (Emergency contacts section).

  • Click on Add

  • Select up to 10 company member you want invite to become company emergency contacts.

  • Confirm your selection by clicking on Add.

We will check if the selected company members can receive emergency messages.
If not, an overview of company members and reasons will be displayed. The reason indicates why they are currently unable to receive text messages.

This won't stop you from adding them, just be aware that these emergency contacts will require some extra follow-up by the company administrator.

After successfully completing the above mentioned steps, the selected company members will:

  • become visible in the list of emergency contacts

  • receive a service email

  • start receiving emergency text messages if

    • their user account is activated

    • their phone number is usable (available & verified)

    • they have access to the program to which the critical or exceptional submission is linked

This email informs the user about being added to the list of emergency contacts and requests to provide and validate a phone number.

Caution: Inactive users i.e. invited and deactivated users won't receive a service email. Meaning that they won't be aware of the fact that they are a company emergency contact. Please make sure to inform them upon (re)activation of their user account.

In case a emergency contact was added by mistake, the user can easily be removed from the list by clicking on the icon bin.

Follow-up on emergency contacts

Once the list of emergency contacts is composed, the company administrator needs to make sure that all contacts are receiving emergency text messages.

The emergency contacts section on the Admin > Company information page contains a clear overview of all emergency contacts and their current state:




Will receive emergency text messages


Won't receive emergency text messages

An error can have several reasons and will require different follow-up actions. The specific reason can be consulted by clicking on the error label in the overview.


Follow-up actions

User inactive

  • User invited

  • User deactivated

Inform the user about being an emergency contact upon (re)activation of the user's account.

Phone number unusable

  • Phone number unknown

  • Phone number unverified

Remind the user to provide and verify a his or her phone number via Settings > Personal information.

Becoming an emergency contact

Add phone number

The first step of becoming one of your companies super-heroes is adding your phone number to your profile.

  • Go to Settings > Personal information (Phone number section).

  • Click on Edit.

  • Select your phone number's country code.

  • Add the phone number to which emergency text messages need to be sent.

  • Confirm your phone number by clicking on Save.

Verify phone number

To keep your companies submission data safe and secure, we ask you to verify your phone number before sending any emergency text messages. Phone number verification ensures that the phone number is not only valid but is also accessible by you.

  • Go to Settings > Personal information (Phone number section).

  • Click on Verify phone number.

  • Enter the 6 digit code that is sent to the provided phone number via SMS.

  • Confirm the verification code by clicking on verify.

Caution: The verification code is time-sensitive. In case you did not confirm the code on time or did not receive a code at all, you can request to send a new code.

After successfully completing the above mentioned steps:

  • the phone numbers state is set to verified.

  • you will start receiving emergency text messages if you are an emergency contact with access to the program to which the critical or exceptional submission is linked.

Not interested in becoming an emergency contact?

Not feeling like a super-hero? No problem! Please reach out to your company administrator and request to remove you from the company emergency contact list.

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