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Rundown of the ID check process

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As an EU-registered company, we are obligated to comply with different processes, guidelines, and regulations. One of which is for researchers to have their identity verified through a third-party provider. Onfido is a recognised identity verification company, they are trusted by multiple market-leading businesses as well as government entities. The information provided to Onfido for identity checks is processed and kept confidential at all times.

Why? We need to verify the identity of any payment recipients, for KYC (Know Your Customer) purposes and to be able to comply with legal requirements regarding tax and bookkeeping.

To begin the ID check process:

1. Complete the profile by filling in all the relevant personal details to be able to proceed

Figure 1.1 Screenshot of general profile information needing to be completed

2. Select “Request ID check” button in general information

Figure 1.2 Screenshot of profile information completed & ready to request ID check

3. You will automatically be met with a prompt to choose your document

4. Next you need to select the Country where the chosen document was issued

Figure 1.3 Screenshot of ID check prompt for choice of document

Figure 1.4 Screenshot of issuing Country for chosen document

5. Make sure to have your phone available as this will be needed for the following steps

Figure 1.5 Screenshot of brief steps to secure link

Figure 1.6 Screenshot of ways to get the secure link

5. Once you have obtained the secure link with your phone the instructions will be clearly laid out for you to follow

6. First start by taking pictures of your selected ID document, some documents require pictures of both the front and the back

Figure 1.7 Screenshot of the computer screen after following the secure link to start the ID check

Figure 1.8 Screenshot of taking photo's for ID check(Front of document)

Figure 1.9 Screenshot of taking photo's for ID check(Back of document)

Figure 1.10 Screenshot of instructions on recording a video

7. If the photographs or video is not accepted you will be notified right away to try again

Figure 1.11 Screenshot of successful upload of required details

Figure 1.12 Screenshot of final submission back on your screen for ID verification

8. Dependant on the outcome if you were rejected this can be re-initiated to try the process again bearing in mind there are only a maximum of three attempts per user. Whereas acceptance means the profile will be updated to reflect checked providing you access to additional programs.

Figure 1.13 Screenshot of rejection notice on researcher profile

9. If successfully verified your profile will indicate the notice of acceptance

Figure 1.14 Screenshot of acceptance notice on researcher profile

Thank you for being part of our community and taking the time to get your ID checked on our platform, we wish you the best of luck during your time with us.

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