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How to enable two-factor authentication (2FA)
How to enable two-factor authentication (2FA)

Securing your profile is crucial to keeping your account safe

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We highly recommend the use of 2FA (Two factor authentication) on our platform. We spend a large portion of our daily lives online, in one form or another. Because of this we should be making sure that our personal data is secure, and not easily accessible. 2FA is a method in which we can add an extra layer of protection.

There are programs on our platform that require 2FA to be activated as mandatory before being able to participate as this is adds a measure of confidentiality, they can be sure of with researchers having additional security in place.

How to enable 2FA on your account:

1. Select your profile menu

2. Click on Edit Settings

Figure 1.1 Screenshot of dropdown profile menu.

3. Select 2FA

4. Select Setup authenticator app i.e., Microsoft Authenticator(link) or Google Authenticator(link)

Figure 1.2 Screenshot of selecting 2FA & selecting setup authenticator app.

5. Select an appropriate link to suit your device and download your choice of 2FA authenticator

6. Scan the QR code or input the key provided

Figure 1.3 Screenshot of authenticator app links, scan QR code or enter secret key.

7. Store the provided backup codes in a secure location, you might need them later.

Figure 1.4 Screenshot of backup codes recommended to be saved securely.

8. Enter your password and the unique code into the confirmation boxes and select verify

Figure 1.5 Screenshot of fields for your password, and a verification code from the authenticator app.

9. Log in again, notice the addition of an OTP (One time password) required

Figure 1.6 Screenshot of successful 2FA feature enabled.

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