Password Etiquette

Important factors to consider in order to create a strong password

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Passwords are the gatekeepers to our personal, private or even professional data, we use them to protect our accounts and the information within them restricted to authorised users only. We suggest a few standards and best practice methods that will prove difficult for any formidable would-be intruders to gain access.

Passwords on the Intigriti platform are required to contain:

  • Anywhere from 6 to 200 characters

  • At least one upper case character

  • One numerical digit from 0 to 9

  • One non alphanumeric character

These are in place as a starting point, there are many factors in which we should be implementing in respect of all our separate passwords.

Make password visible when typing

The option to choose to make passwords visible when typing (whilst alone). This is to help unintentional account lockouts where a single character could have been mistyped.

Paste-in functionality.

This is especially important considering how many passwords the average person has to remember and the tools being used to manage them all. Paste-in functionality also allows autofill from password managers making the authentication process streamlined all while staying safe at the same time. We encourage longer and stronger password behaviour.

Account lock-out

There is a limit to the amount of incorrect login attempts before an account is locked, to keep would be attackers out and information within safe.


2FA (two-factor authentication) is available and highly recommended, this added security layer requires us to demonstrate an additional authentication method over and above the standard username and password. Using an authenticator app to provide us with an OTP (One-time passcode) after verifying our login credentials. More information on how to set up 2FA can be found here.

We highly recommend the use of a password manager to store and facilitate the use of randomly generated secure passwords providing further safety, taking the strain out of having to remember multiple different passwords all together. There are many different options available to suit different individual needs. A simple search will offer choice of free or paid services i.e.: 1Password, Lastpass, and Keeper are all highly regarded paid services, or Myki, LogMeOnce, and Bitwarden offer great free services.

Intigriti have kept focus on the user experience overall to make the process easier and secure simultaneously.

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