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Applying for application programs
Applying for application programs

Submit a motivation suggestion why you want to hunt on the program.

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When browsing through programs, you may see some programs with application written alongside the title, this essentially is just what they are, you would need to apply to hunt for bugs on them. Some may have specific criteria to meet, such as being ID checked or having regional restrictions imposed by the program owners.

Open up the program you want to apply for. You might need to first read through the terms and conditions and accept them before proceeding.

Figure 1.1: Screenshot showing terms and conditions acceptance button

After agreeing, there will be only limited information available in the program details, such as a description and bounties.

Next, you can apply and provide a motivation explaining why you would like to join this program. A strong motivation will improve your chances of being accepted. Consider mentioning your strengths and what you can bring to the program. You have up to 500 characters to use, so make them count and give the customer a reason to accept your application.

Figure 1.2: Screenshot showing the apply button

Figure 1.3: Screenshot showing motivation text box

Figure 1.4: Screenshot showing application sent

If you aren't accepted don't be disheartened, look for a new program and try your luck there.

If you are accepted you will receive an email notification informing you of this. When you check back on the program you will notice all the details are now available. Please be sure to read through and pay special attention to what is in scope and not in scope.

Figure 1.5: Screenshot showing the accepted application

Congratulations on being accepted, happy hunting.

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