Program specific VPN's

Some programs require this so please check the programs closely

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A virtual private network (VPN) gives you online privacy and anonymity by creating a secure encrypted virtual tunnel between your device and the internet. All your data traffic is then routed through this tunnel.

We have programs that require the usage of a VPN. All testing on these particular programs will need to be performed while connected to a specified VPN, which can be found in the program details. The main reasons for this requirement:

  • For access to test systems, or even acceptance systems

  • Identifying tests performed by researchers through Intigriti’s platform

  • In order to bypass restrictive security systems

Using the VPN

Where required, respective programs will have a link to a VPN configuration file to be used for that program specifically.

  • Open this connection with a VPN client software of your choice.

  • Authenticate using the same email address & password credentials used to log into the Intigriti platform

VPN sessions are not logged unless expressly mentioned in the program details.

Each individual program with this requirement has its own VPN associated with it, the VPN is only intended to be used for routing program-specific traffic.

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