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Program details including Private Programs
Program details including Private Programs

There are a few different types available

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You may have seen that there are different types of programs available on the Intigriti platform, all with varying levels of confidentiality, there are specific requirements pertaining to each respectively. There are three well-known programs which all researchers regardless of being ID checked or not are able to view.

However, there is a fourth program type, that is not accessible to just anyone, these programs particularly have limited spaces for select researchers. We are going to provide you with some insight on how to improve your chances of being chosen for one of these invite only programs.

1. Invite Only Programs (Private Programs)

Private Programs are not visible to anyone on our platform, as the name indicates these are kept private, the company themselves look at specific criteria which they use to determine whom they would like to have on their program. Here are a few factors they consider:

  • The more active a researcher is overall

  • Maintain a high-quality score with your reporting

  • Maintain a great reputation on the leaderboard

This information helps the customer understand select skill levels of our researchers, however this is not an exhaustive list of all that they consider. With that in mind researchers have the ability to affect these three factors.

There are some factors outside of a researcher’s control in which the customer may decide upon such as geographic areas, certain programs can only work with local researchers, as they need to be a citizen of the country of which the program operates in. Only researchers who have entered their country into their profile would be eligible to participate in these programs.

2. Application Programs

Application Programs are visible just like a public program, however with only limited information provided, for instance a description and a bounty level are shown, researchers need to apply to join these programs, if accepted the remaining details are then disclosed.

3. Registered Programs

Registered Programs are different only because we do not advertise these publicly on our website. Once a researcher has registered an account these programs become available, they are then welcome to submit reports thereafter. In addition, once registered researchers have a choice to be ID verified, this too allows access to more programs of which customers stipulate this as a requirement. You can learn more about getting ID-verified here.

4. Public Programs

Public Programs are advertised on our website with all the details available about the program. These are our most accessible programs; the only stipulation is researchers are required to register an account on our platform to submit reports of any vulnerabilities found. Examples of public bug bounty programs and public vulnerability disclosure programs can be found here.

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