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Account access issues
Account access issues

Experiencing trouble trying to log into your account? Try these things first.

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We have a few suggestions for you to try as these have been common issues before, usually with simple fixes.
Check the spelling of the email address being used, if you have already, check it one more time to be sure. Unique passwords can be all sorts of scrambled characters sometimes, check to be sure you do not have caps lock on. Make sure there are no spaces in front of or behind either of these two mentioned above. If you are using a password manager to autofill this information great that is a smart idea, however we have on occasion seen that sometimes this can add a space before or after either the email or password, be sure to check this in the password manager too.

Incase your password may be the issue, try to reset your password. You will receive an email with a link allowing you to do this, not seeing the email? please check your junk/spam folder as this could have possibly been auto assigned to this folder and you won't see it in your inbox.

New Researchers

Firstly welcome to Intigriti! If you have just signed up and after creating your new account are now having problems. Please check your chosen email address for the activation email first, as this is a necessary step for you to proceed. If you don't see this email please check the junk/spam folder to be sure. If you have done this and are still experiencing issues, reach out to support and explain the problems you are experiencing.

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