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Export one or multiple submissions

.csv export of all submission metadata for companies

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The Intigriti platform allows you to export all submissions to a .csv file or one submission to a PDF file.

Exporting a single submission to PDF can be useful when working with external parties who do not have access to the Intigriti platform.

Exporting all or multiple submissions with their metadata to a .csv file can be useful to dig deeper into reporting.

Exporting multiple submissions

To export multiple submissions, go to the submissions grid and:

  1. Click into the checkbox in front of the grid column names to select all submissions in the current submission filter.

  1. You can choose to export all submissions (select the top checkbox), or a manual selection of submissions. If no filter is selected, all submissions will be selected and exported. You can see in the bottom window that appears, how many submissions are selected.

  1. Set a name for the file (if no name is set, it will use some standard name format to make sure that unique names are being created)

  2. You will receive an email when the export is finished!

  3. You can then download the file from the "My Exports" section of your user profile

Which fields are exported?

The .csv export of multiple submission does not contain any of the POC information, impact study, recommended solution nor does it include the messages on the submission. It also does not include the submission title, so that reporting can be done without revealing possibly sensitive information.

The batch export therefore includes metadata only

The .csv file includes the following fields:

  • Company name

  • Company handle

  • ProgramName

  • ProgramHandle

  • Code

  • SubmissionDetailUrl

  • DuplicateSubmissionCode

  • InternalReference

  • InternalReferenceUrl

  • JiraReference+programname

  • Submitter

  • Group

  • AssignedTo

  • AwaitingFeedback

  • CreatedAt

  • LastUpdatedAt

  • Status

  • CloseReason

  • Destroyed

  • Severity

  • SeverityScore

  • DomainType

  • Domain

  • Tier

  • TotalBountyPayout

  • TotalBonusPayout

  • Cwe

  • PersonalData

  • ExportedAt

  • Tags

Resolving .csv issues for Excel

You may encounter issues when opening .csv files with Excel that contain submission data that has characters not native to the english alphabet. To prevent that:

1. Open new workbook or sheet in Excel
2. Select "Get Data from text" from the "Data" tab
3. Select your exported .csv file (make sure that's a version that has not been previously opened with Excel directly, otherwise it sometimes already "locks in" the incorrect formatting)
4. Select "semicolon" as delimiter and make sure "Unicode UTF-8 Encoding" is selected as the "File Origin" format
5. Click "Load" in the wizard. Done!

Exporting a single submission to PDF or .csv

In the submission detail page you will have the option to export the submission on the bottom of the menu on the right-hand-side.

Contrary to the batch export, the single export will include all details on the submission, including POC, impact, recommended solution, as well as all the messages on the submission. This way, the export can be used by e.g. external development teams to fix the issue.

The result will be a nice-looking PDF which can easily be shared.

The .csv export has the same information but will be more appropriate as data input for a system to process.

Note: submission attachments are not added to the export.

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