Adding bounty budget
Adding budget, PO Number, allocating company budget to program, invoicing of Bounty Budget
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Adding budget to company bucket

To add budget to your company budget, you need to be an administrator on the Intigriti portal.

Go to Admin / Budget / Expand budget

Add the budget you want to add to your company bucket

Once you click confirm, our billing team will receive a notification and you will receive an invoice for the bounty budget + bounty fee, according to your contract with Intigriti.

In some cases, your finance or accounts payable team, may require that a PO number is added to the invoice we send out. In that case, please let us now the PO number before you upload new budget, so that we can make sure invoices are processed properly.

Right now, this bounty budget is added to the unallocated pool on your company. It is not yet available on a program!

Allocate budget to programs

To allocate or reallocate budget from unallocated budget to a program or between programs, click the arrow next to "Expand Budget" and click "Reallocate budget"

Then, choose the program you want to move budget from or to, or select the unallocated bucket and move the budget:

Dynamic pool

Customers on our advanced plan, can also make use of the Dynamic Pool.

This dynamically manages the budgets allocated to programs and takes the amounts needed from the unallocated pool:

This means, you can just add money to the unallocated pool and the programs will take what they need as long as budget is available, keeping them from going to auto-suspension.

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