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Auto-suspension, budget in validation

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Budget in validation

On the Intigriti platform, we always want to ensure that researchers will be paid on time for their work. As such, for every submission that is reported, we hold the budget in validation, according to the severity assigned by the researcher. Triage will then reassess the severity during triage, and may change the severity and the assigned budget according to the bounty table of the program.


This may mean that at some point, a lot of budget sits in validation.

If there is no more room in the program budget for the payout of a medium submission, the program will go into auto-suspension.

The above metrics can always be seen on the right hand side of your program details, as well as in the Admin Budget section.

What do do now?

We advise to work on the submissions in pending as soon as possible.

Sometimes this means budget becomes free again after reassessing the severities. Some findings might be rejected as informative or accepted risk, which will also free up budget.

In general, it might also just be time to add new budget to your program to have a bigger buffer.

If your program is in such a state that it suspends with every one or two new submissions, the researcher experience is not great. Maybe a researcher found more submissions, but is not able to report them because the program is suspended.

Your success manager will reach out to you when this is happening and advise to take appropriate action.

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