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The groups feature allows you to give a certain group of people access to a subset of submissions on a program or across several programs. They ONLY have access to these submissions and cannot view other submissions apart from these submissions.

For example, you may be working with a third party and give them access to only those submissions on your program that are relevant for them + prevent them from being able to access other submissions on your program.

Another situation might be that within a large enterprise, you want to give certain developers or groups access to a subset.

In other cases, you want to give separate entities of your organisation, like different countries, access to the submissions which are relevant + prevent them from accessing others.

How does it work?

Groups is an Enterprise feature. If you do not see the below possibilities on the Intigriti platform, please check with your success manager.

In the Admin section, there will be a Groups tab, where groups are managed

To add a new group, click the +.

Then, you can add and manage members via "Manage Members"

Assign a default assignee here. This is the person who will be assigned to new submissions for this group automatically.


The typical workflow when working with Groups is:

  1. Submission is reported. Status = triage.

  2. Triage validated submission.

    1. Status = Pending.

    2. Assignee = Default Assignee on PROGRAM level

  3. Default assignee reassigns the submission to the relevant group, if needed.

    1. Group is added to the submission. All group members now have access to the submission

    2. The group default assignee becomes the assignee of the submission. This person receives all email notification updates on the submission from here on.

In case the Default assignee on Program level should keep receiving all email notification updates on the submission, they should actually be added as default assignee within each group.

This way, the group does have access where needed, but the program level assignee will be able to more easily followup on the submission.

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