Integration user permissions

When setting up your program Jira integration, you might experience one of the following issues:

  • Desired Jira project is not visible in the drop-down

  • Desired issue type is not visible in the drop-down

  • Jira Issue priorities or statuses cannot be mapped (No items found)

In this case it's very likely that your Jira integration user does not have the required permissions to successfully configure and activate the Jira integration.

Make sure that the Jira integration user has following permissions:

  • Project permissions

    • Browse programs

    • View (read-only) Workflow

  • Issue permissions

    • Create issues

    • Edit issues

    • Transition issues

    • Resolve issues

    • Close issues

    • Delete issues (Optional)

  • Comments permissions

    • Add comments

  • Attachments permissions

    • Create attachments

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