We are proud to officially release our external company API v2.0 from its beta.

The v2.0 version improves on the following:

  • Use of standard OAuth 2.0 protocol

  • A user-based authorization flow (instead of machine-to-machine in v1), allowing for a more granular permission set-up and activity logging

    • A user only needs to be authorized once, afterward refresh tokens can be used to fetch a new pair of access and refresh tokens, allowing integrations to remain up and running without reauthorization of the user

  • Ten new read operations and counting

  • Thirteen new write operations and counting

  • Numerous improvements to existing endpoints

For a step-by-step guide on the new authorization flow and a list of all (new) endpoints, please visit our API v2.0 reference guide. You may also use Intigriti's public Swagger pages for the production environment and UAT environment (be sure to select definition "V2.0").

Should you be interested in using our API for your company, please contact your Customer Success Manager for further details.

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