This article will outline the behaviour of the Jira integration with regards to large attachments and what actions to take in which case.

The Jira integration will behave differently with regards to attachments for Jira Cloud and for Jira Server.

On the Intigriti platform, the maximum file size for attachments to submissions is 1GB (this has recently changed from 5MB to 1GB).

Note: 10 MB for PNG / JPG / GIF files - however this does not affect the Jira integration behavior,

Jira Cloud

For Jira Cloud: there should be no issues with file sizes, as Jira Cloud is defaulted to 2GB file size. But if you have ever customized that setup (lowering the file size limit to something < 1GB), there can be issues in case the attachment is bigger than the one allowed.

If the attachment is bigger than allowed on Jira, the integration will stop trying to sync the file and it will not be attached.

Jira Server

For Jira Server, there might be issues in syncing the large file because the server request can timeout. The Jira connection will stay active, however the file will not be synced.

Intigriti allows for file sizes of 1GB. The default file size is 10MB for JIRA Server.

There can be issues because the Jira server connection times out after 5 minutes, so big files cannot be uploaded when they take more than 5 minutes. This is an issue on Jira side. When this happens, all content is sent EXCEPT for the attachment file which is too big. All other attachments, messages, etc. are OK. The system will retry to send the file 5 times. When it fails after 5 times, the too-large-file is just not attached to the ticket in Jira.

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