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In the Intigriti platform, you can assign tags to submissions in order to categorize submissions according to your organisation's internal workflow.

Adding a tag on a submission

When on the submissions detail page, a tag can be added by clicking into the "Add tag" field underneath the submission title.

Once you click enter, the tag will be added:

Searching/filtering for submissions via tags

Now you can also filter submissions based on tags:

FAQs about tags

  • Who can see tags?

    • Company members and triage. Researchers cannot see tags.

  • Who can add tags?

    • Company members and triage can add tags. Sometimes, triage will also add tags to improve their workflow.

  • Where can the tags be found and accessed in the Intigriti platform?

    • Submission grid - via filters + they are visible ont he submission in the submission grid

    • Submission detail page

    • Tags are accessible via the external API

  • Tags are NOT available via:

    • PDF export/ batch export

    • Via the Global search functionality

    • Not exported to Jira issues via the Jira Integration

  • Who can add tags varies along the status of the submissions

    • In Triage

      • Assigned triagers can add tags

      • All company admins can add tags

      • All program admins can add tags

    • In everything else

      • All Triagers can add tags

      • All company admins can add tags

      • All program admins can add tags

      • Assigned program members can add tags

      • Assigned program editors can add tags

      • Assgined group members/admin can add tags

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