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The Intigriti integration with webhooks enables seamless integration of your Intigriti programs with your own applications. Specifically, it allows you to effortlessly and automatically receive messages containing submission metadata when specific submission events occur.

The integration process involves two high-level steps:

  1. Setting up a connection with one or more applications.

  2. Setting up an integration between one or more Intigriti programs and your application(s).

Connecting to your application

What do I need?

A company administrator to set up the connection between Intigriti and your application.


  • On the Intigriti Platform, go to Admin > Integrations > Webhook.

  • Add a custom connection name and logo.

  • Click 'Connect'.

  • Securely store the secret needed to verify Intigriti's message signatures.

For more information on how to implement the signing verification in your application, please visit:

Configuring a webhook integration

What do I need?

  • An active connection on the Intigriti platform with your application.

  • A program administrator to set up the integration between the Intigriti program and your application.


  • On the Intigriti platform, go to Program > Integrations > Webhook.

  • Add an integration with a custom name and logo.

  • Select the connected application you want to integrate with.

  • Select the submission events that need to be sent to your application.
    You can select one or more of the following events:

    • Submission created

    • Submission severity updated

    • Submission message posted

    • Submission status updated

  • Click 'Activate'.

Upon activation of the integration, a test message will be posted to the application. Your webhook integration will be activated only when a successful 20X response message is received.
In case of any issues, an error message will be displayed instead. If you encounter persistent issues, please reach out to your customer success manager for further assistance and support.

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