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1337UP Live 2023 CTF FAQ
1337UP Live 2023 CTF FAQ

All you need to know about Intigriti's 1337up LIVE 2023 CTF event.

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Before the event starts, to ensure a smooth sign-up process and prevent any issues from occurring where possible, we highly recommend:

  1. joining Intigriti's Discord server. You can use the server to keep up-to-date with event announcements, request CTF-related support, find a team, share write-ups after the competition, and more.

Having these two things sorted before you participate in the event is essential, and will make participation much easier. The main hub for the CTF event can be found here.

When does the CTF start and finish?

The live CTF runs for 36 hours, starting at 11:59am UTC on Friday, 17th November 2023 and finishes at 11:59pm UTC on Saturday, 18th November 2023. Challenges within the event will remain live for one (1) week after the CTF has concluded. Write-ups for the write-up competition must be submitted by Thursday, 23rd November 2023, 6pm UTC via this form link.

Who can participate in the event?

Anyone! Participants can play in teams of up to 6 players, but teams are not limited to a specific audience and anyone can join.

How do we sign up?

To sign up you will need to create an Intigriti account, then go to Intigriti's CTF Event Page and login using such. If you would like to play as part of a team of up to 6 players, click on the "Team" link at the top of the event page.

  • If you want to create a team for others to join

Click on the "Create Team" button and you will be asked to input a team name and password. You will need to share this with your intended teammates so that other researchers can join your team during the CTF event.

  • If you want to join a team during the CTF

Click on the "Join Team" button and you will be asked to input the name of the team you want to join, and its password. Click "Join" once both fields are filled out correctly, and you will be added to the team you intend to join for the CTF.

If you would like your score to be shown on the CTFTime platform, or you want to add your own write-ups to CTFTime, you will need to login to the CTFTime platform via any method and click on "We will participate in the event". This is not required to play in the CTF, though.

Be sure to sign up as soon as possible so you can get your team ready, and maximise your participation time!

All things help: Where to go for it and who to ask?

If any help is needed at any point when you are participating in the CTF, the best place to ask will be the Intigriti Discord server. There will be specific channels available during the event where support can be requested, and the Community team will be available to help out and assist with any problems you face.

Rules and Code of Conduct

The rules of the event can found via the official rules page. Please read through and familiarise yourself with them, so that you know what is and is not acceptable. Please also familiarise yourself with our Community Code of Conduct, as this outlines the behavioural expectations of participants during the event and on our platform, generally, too.

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