During your search for bugs on your chosen program you may occasionally come across areas in which you will need to validate your user credentials from time to time.

There are different variations to the ways this can manifest:

1. Admin credentials or User credentials may be required to input the username and password respectively

2. Particular address information

3. Promo codes

4. Licence keys

Ways in which you can proceed:

  • Certain programs allow you to validate with your Intigriti.me alias allowing you further access. You can learn more about the Intigriti.me email alias here.

  • Other programs provide you with credentials automatically upon your request on the program detail page itself. However, you are only able to receive 3 different sets of credentials this way. Take a look at the screenshots of a demo program below illustrating the simple steps to follow.

Figure 1.1 Screenshot of E Corp Demo Program: Selecting request new credentials.

Figure 1.2 Screenshot of E Corp Demo Program: Credentials offered.

  • The other option of getting credentials is to contact support at Intigriti requesting credentials for your specific program of choice, they will manually allocate credentials to your username, they will then send you the relevant information back for you to be able to proceed.

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