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This article describes the registration and login process for company users (not researchers).

First time login

You'll receive an e-mail with an invitation to "Accept & Register" to register your account:

Note: If your company has set up Single Sign-On, you must connect your account to your company's Identity Provider before registering your account.

  1. Start the set-up process and you'll be redirected to a new page with a form

  2. Enter your details into the form and confirm your account

    1. Username: This is the name which will be displayed towards researchers. Researchers will never see your real name.

    2. Name and Last name: These will be displayed to your team members and triage members only, never to researchers.

    3. Phone number: This may be needed in case you will be setup as an emergency contact by your administrator. Don't worry, this step can be completed at a later stage!

  3. You can now login to the platform!

Setup 2FA

After first login, it is advised to setup 2FA to protect your account. In case you are required to login with Single Sign On, this is not necessary.

Don't forget to store the backup codes in a safe location!

Login with a registered company account

  1. To login to the Intigriti platform, go to and then click "Sign in" in the top right corner.

  2. Enter your work email address

  3. If your organization has setup SSO for this email address, you will be redirected to login via your Single Sign On Solution.

  4. If no SSO is setup, you will be asked to enter your password.

  5. If you have setup 2-Factor-Authentication, you will be asked to enter the two factor authentication code as well. Having trouble? Search for the 2FA back-up codes provided to you when first setting up 2FA.

Contact your organisation's Intigriti Admin in case you are experiencing issues logging in.

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