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In the user settings, you can manage a number of different things, like your password, avatar, two-factor authentication and contact information.

Go to your Avatar in the top right corner and click the drop-down arrow:



  • User Information

    • Email Address

    • Name

  • Password

  • Setup 2FA

Note: username cannot be changed

My Exports

Only when applicable for your subscription tier:

Intigriti allows to download all submissions or a subset of submissions to a .csv file. This is where you can find completed batch exports of submissions and download the export.

My Groups

Only when applicable for your subscription tier: This button redirects to the Admin / Groups page for administrators.

IP Lookup

Allows to lookup if a certain IP address is known to Intigriti. Read more about this in the following article:


Redirects to your company's researcher leaderboard.

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